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To prove my dad wrong. reblog if you are under the age of 30.



my dad thinks you’re all 50 year old sexual predators or something…


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We keep finding these seemingly random nests of, well… random Penguins, new and used, all over the bookstore.

Birds of a feather… 

russian literature: a summary

ivan ivanovich ivanov is an upper middle class student who is madly in love with maria petrovna petrova! BUT maria petrovna petrova loves dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov who is a nihilist upper middle class student!

ivan ivanovich ivanov goes through a long soul searching journey before realizing all life is petty and meaningless and eventually dying alone and unloved of tuberculosis while dmitri dmitrivich dmitrov marries maria petrovna petrova 

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exact fucking reason why i hate clowns

exact fucking reason why i hate clowns

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In spain I was asked if I could print a calendar and now I checked prices… 
Would anyone of you be interested in a calender aswell? if enough people are interested I’d print a few, they would cost 12,50€ (A4) or 18€ (A3) + shipping (if I can print 20 pieces in a row) <3 
Sent me an email or a message or just write a comment if you are seriously interested : > 

the pictures are just to get an idea what could be in the calendar, I still need to ask all the photographers if it’s okay to use the photos  ; ) 
…and I know a lot of you are following because we share the love for Tolkien, please mention if you’d like a kalender with only Tolkien cosplays more <3 

Please note that I don’t do this for money, but for you cause I really want to fullfill such wishes cause it really means a lot to me. <3

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Jeremy Renner for Menswear Magazine, 2010.

Jeremy Renner for Menswear Magazine, 2010.

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a person complaining about puns basically invites every pun enthusiast in the vicinity to come snapping rhythmically from the shadows 




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